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More than Active Listening, God Was One of Us


19th Sunday after Pentecost: Hebrews 1:1-4, 2:5-12

We live in a time when we are aware of the suffering that people outside of our region or circles experience. This awareness is important because often our ease and comfort is at the expense of someone else whether we know it or not. The discomfort of awareness sometimes makes us talk more. We want to say the right things, but it’s important to listen. It’s only through listening that we can understand, to not be a part of the problem. We might even be able to be a part of the solution. However, no amount of listening will ever convey to us what another people group’s suffering is like to them. Continue reading

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Who’s the Greatest?


17th Sunday after Pentecost: Mark 9:30-37

While Jesus is teaching his disciples that his path involves a spiral of rejection and persecution, they miss that part of the lesson entirely. Instead they immediately discuss amongst themselves which of them is the greatest. Continue reading

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Polite Society

In effect, adolescents disclose in bold type and vivid colors the latent patterns of social disorganization that lurk always under the surface of polite society.

–James E. Loder
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…but my friends call me Mel

my friends

Recently my car’s registration came due and I was surprised to find a bill enclosed for a parking ticket that I had already paid. I dug up the canceled check, cashed months ago by the Department of Parking and Traffic (DPT). I photocopied it and sent the copy to the DMV with my registration payment. All taken care of, right?  A couple of weeks later I received a reply stating that the DMV can’t settle disputed tickets. My irritation started to grow as I envisioned a day standing in lines at the courthouse, so I put if off for as long as I could. Continue reading

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