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The Loneliness of Dying

loneliness of dying

While sheltering in place I’ve read a variety of articles about the Coronavirus. Some of these are news, some are statistical, and some describe the loneliness that those who are dying will experience. I’ve seen articles about the process of dying that have been written by people in the medical community. These are often an appeal to honor the shelter in place policies. Although I don’t personally know anyone who’s dying from the Coronavirus, these descriptions shake me to my core. The reality that some people are slowly suffocating without family nearby is tragic.

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Will You Be There When I’m in Pain?


How are you doing? Fine?

Of course the answer is “fine.” When people ask us how we’re doing, the automatic response is fine. Sometimes when discussing this sociological phenomena, people say they actually want the honest answer. I never know if I should believe them. In the past I’ve given a more honest answer and found myself in a really awkward moment realizing that I’ve just overshared. I’ve also had very real, impromptu conversations about real pain that left me feeling more connected to my friends. Continue reading

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Approach the Throne of Grace with Boldness


20th Sunday after Pentecost; Hebrews 4:12-16

This book is aptly named Hebrews because it draws comparisons between this new life of following Jesus and the faith of the ancient Hebrews. This chapter recalls the exodus where Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. It talks about those who walked in the wilderness on their way to the promised land. They didn’t all make it. We know the exodus story is a story of grace, but it seems grace wasn’t part of everyone’s story. Some were killed and some died before they crossed over to the promised land. Some turned away from God, some made up their own rules, and some doubted—those are the people who didn’t enter God’s rest. Continue reading

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Gracious and Compassionate


If there’s a word with a bad rap, it’s the word repent.  That word can conjure up images of an angry prophet-like, old man scowling and pointing at people while bellowing the word REPENT!  Or maybe that’s just the imagery that comes up for me. The underlying concept of a change of heart is wrapped up in that impression. However, I don’t find the picture in the Bible that when you do turn you will face certain wrath.

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…but my friends call me Mel

my friends

Recently my car’s registration came due and I was surprised to find a bill enclosed for a parking ticket that I had already paid. I dug up the canceled check, cashed months ago by the Department of Parking and Traffic (DPT). I photocopied it and sent the copy to the DMV with my registration payment. All taken care of, right?  A couple of weeks later I received a reply stating that the DMV can’t settle disputed tickets. My irritation started to grow as I envisioned a day standing in lines at the courthouse, so I put if off for as long as I could. Continue reading

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